Chicken and Mango?

November 28, 2009

As the title suggests, food. More precisely a sandwich. Never had it before and that was all the reason I needed to purchase and sample this odd creature. Pleasing, but still lacking, mayonnaise and a dab each of the title, stuffed into a pocket of brown bread with oats embedded, oddly contradictory.

Moving on…

England! It’s been a month and a half since I’ve arrived in this country and I’ve gotten adjusted fairly well I think. Public transport is a joy, the streets are safer than my native Jamaica, the people are a bit of an odd blend however. There is no merger of cultures, but rather a vast sea of micro-states that silently demands separation, even when crammed into a train and underneath the armpit of some tall stranger. The middle-upper whites (as the upper crust also stays above ground) and they’re snubbing of the seats, standing tall with suits and a briefcase at the center pole, the backpacker with worn jeans filling any pocket of open space, the working class asian against the wall of the carriages, the europeans with their loud conversations and tube maps, silly tourists I scoff…whilst hoping I had memorized my own directions, the middle class asians…sitting in the middle, some almost defiant as if to say they’ve earned it, the elderly…you can spot them easily, they’re the only ones without headphones.

Something I have in common however, both in Jamaica and England. I am a mongrel, mixed, “other”. I have no niche crowd to stick with, so I take the old peoples seats.

The food is nothing special however and I feel like a criminal everytime I ask for salt in this country, it seems nothing is more terrifying, which is a bit ironic considering the love of comfort food. Deep fried anything with sugar on top is available for under a pound anytime, anywhere.

I started this post with the intention of expanding on a “deep” thought that concocted in my mind, something vague, hopefully applicable to the government (always an easy target), or religion (again), or abortion (okay not really). I guess it began with a rather simple idea in a philosophy course I did. Thomas Hobbes believed that (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m going based off of memory) an ideal government is one of absolute power and the citizens grant the government that absolute power in order to preserve peace in society, therefore it was in the governments best intersest to RETAIN that power, which thereby ensured that the society would remain peaceful, of course this brings about the dillemma that there was now no way in which the government could be changed unless through violent rebellion and even then the government would still be “socially” correct as their rule was societies original will.

This came out in a discussion of ouija boards. I have no personal experience, or opinion, on ouija boards, the spiritual realm or anything that goes bump in the night. However I was intrigued by the idea that a board bought from a toystore could relay the thoughts of a spirit or deceased person. Doing (albeit very little) research (read: google) on ouija boards I’ve realized there are a lot of various experiences that seemingly defied logic, unless logic included demon possession and spirits. So while I have no belief on it personally, I can offer one, which to me seems plausible.

Rather than an ouija board being a mystical item that has the power to call spirits, it is merely an object in which you place your will, or faith in to communicate. It is more by the existence of the board, rather than by the power of the board. It’s purpose is stated as a 1-800-call-the-dead, and by it’s existence we loan it our wills, I believe that it’s merely a material channel for ourselves, rather than it having any such power.

For a poor analogy, I offer you this. A target in a range is only a target because it is used as a target. Try not to think too deeply about it, going into being used as a scoring system, but rather just the “title” and “purpose”. We have provided ourselves with a means of communication (the letters, numbers and choices) and we have willed the answers into being. Even the rule of never playing with an ouija board by yourself adds to it. Have you ever watched a sport alone in your living room? Rather dull isn’t it? If not dull by itself, then surely dull compared to being in the bleachers of a stadium with thousands of roaring fans beside you waving and screaming explicits at the opposing side, you get caught up in it. You chant along to a song despite being unsure of the lyrics. A great rush fills your chest and stomach and bellows out, like the escaping spray and foam of a wave crashing against rocks. Fact is individuals act differently within a group, rather than an identity unique you become an identity shared.

Well anyways, this was just something to kick start a hopeful series of future posts. I will attempt to be more organized and actually have a point however I rather prefer organized chaos, with only snippets of ideas and zero limitations on expansion.

p.s. in regards to england, I’m terribly happy to have had friends to help me through my transitional phase. No such thing as a happy loner. If you are it’s only because you’re a depressive and thus content with being depressed, but most definitely not happy.

Until next time, thel-O-kat out.

Hello world!

November 28, 2009

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